JusticeEZtrac is a product developed by Justice EZ Trac LLC.

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About Us
JusticeEZtrac is web-based automated service center that allows courts and other law enforcement agencies to manage a variety of services at no cost. The concept is simple, court clients pay a small processing/convenience fee directly to JusticeEZtrac for services rendered.

The JEZT service center contains several features that are quite useful to a court or criminal justice agency, for example:

The message center lets court client communicate with the court directly and in writing to make a variety of requests. The most common requests are extensions on court appearance dates and extensions on ticket payment dates. Since the courts only accept written requests, this method simplifies and expedites the communications process between the parties involved.

Court clients can also pay their tickets or fines on-line, using a credit or debit card to pay such obligation in full or they can request the court to grant them a payment plan to divide a large fine amount into smaller payments. The system also permits court clients to plead not guilty on a case and to request traffic school sessions, just with a few clicks.

JusticeEZtrac also contains an eCitation module that can be used by any criminal justice agency to issue tickets electronically using a laptop computer inside the patrol car or any other computer with access to the JEZT system. Since the citations have been issued using the system, they don’t have to be imported or enter into another system, they are ready to be processed and paid.

Another great module of JusticeEZtrac is the Probation with GPS House Arrest module, which facilitates the probation officers tasks by allowing them to easily check on probationers with an GPS and automated voice biometric tethering authentication phone system with easy setup. They can also generate on-line status reports for a variety of checks on probationer and administer them on a set schedule.